Earth is a rich prize.

    The immense value of our world is not simply its wealth of mineral content, or its abundant water, or even the splendor of its flora and fauna.

    Earth is valuable as a habitat.

    An advanced alien race would not be interested in mining the resources of our planet. For a race capable of space travel, the universe is awash in those types of resources. Our own asteroid belt is by far a richer source of heavy elements and minerals. On Earth we have to dig for them. In the asteroid belt, the guts of a destroyed planet have been turned inside out for easy access.

    Water is a simple compound of two of the most abundant light elements in the universe. No alien species would come on a quest spanning light-years to collect it. It would be far simpler to produce it by burning hydrogen.

    And in spite of all the horror movies that aliens would come to Earth to eat us, that too, fails the test of logic. The most effective way to produce proteins and carbohydrates is to farm them. An advanced race would easily be able to do this efficiently enough to sustain any population. All these facts beg the question:

    Why are they here?

    And they are here. While the preponderance of evidence may not rise to the level of scientific proof, some of it is extremely difficult to dispute. The UFO Foundation was founded by members who have personally experienced an encounter with something of technological design exceeding the combined capabilities of all humanity.

    Spaceship Earth is a priceless habitat. If Earth were in peril of destruction, humanity would be forced into selecting one of three possible choices: save the Earth, relocate to another habitat, or perish. With luck, by the time we are faced with that choice, we will have the technological capacity to cope with it.

    In that scenario, if saving the Earth proved to be impossible, then humanity would be left with only two choices, relocate or perish. But relocation is problematic. The billions of random coincidences that occurred in the formation of our genial habitat is an extremely rare scenario, even in a galaxy as vast as ours. And given the propensity of life, when it does occur, it will usually be inhabited.

    And so the number of habitats suitable for migration within reach of our capabilities will likely be very limited. Given the desperation of such a situation, would we refrain from migrating to a suitable planet already inhabited by lower life forms?

    How would Pizarro or CortÚs decide the matter? What if there were NO other choices? Would we allow ourselves to perish in order to preserve a lower life form? Think about it. What does our history tell us?

    So what if an advanced alien civilization found itself in that predicament, and Earth was the only hope it had for salvation. Humanity would find itself in an extremely perilous situation: defend itself against a vastly superior technology, or disappear forever.

    If Earth is truly being visited by an alien race of superior technological capability, it is almost certainly hostile. A benign race would simply land on the steps of the U.N. and ask to address a meeting of the general assembly. Consider the accounts of people who identify themselves as "abductees". Surely many of these accounts are hoaxes, but it can not be established that all of them are. The most credible accounts all have a striking similarity: the captors treat humans exactly the way humans treat animals.

    What makes abductee reports important is that most of the rare bits of actual physical evidence come from such cases in the form of "implants" that were removed and analyzed.

    Some of these implants defy simple explanation through scientific analysis. Several have been found that can not be constructed by any known terrestrial technology. In one case, an X-ray indicated a foreign implant deep in a man's brain that could not have been put there with any known surgical technique. Any attempt to remove the implant would result in the death of the patient.

    This type of physical evidence is microscopically rare. But the few pieces that do exist are monumentally important. Anyone wishing to argue that, here on Earth, there is no technology operating in other than our own, MUST be able to explain the existence of this evidence or be prepared to abandon their argument.

    Why ufology is not treated as an active scientific pursuit is not understood at the UFO Foundation. What is clear is that such an endeavor is vital.

    This foundation does not discard evidence simply because it supports the idea that the Earth is being visited by an advanced alien race. Whatever conclusions are drawn, will be drawn based on the evidence rather than any preconceived notion. True science is the interpretation of ALL the facts, not just those that support a particular theory.

    The principle of Occam's Razor is that the simplest explanation fitting all the facts tends to be the correct one. The UFO Foundation has researched and investigated many cases for which the simplest explanation is visitation by an alien race of advanced technological achievement.

    But the Foundation has not pursued these researches for the sole purpose of scientific study. The researchers and investigators at this foundation have been meticulously examining the combined concordance of evidence to determine the fundamental nature of these phenomena, and what possible impact they may have on humanity.

    Because only a tiny fraction of the available evidence rises to the level of scientific proof, the Foundation can make no scientific claims. But that does not mean that there is not a fundamental truth to be discovered. It is the goal of this foundation to find indisputable scientific evidence of advanced alien technology, and make it available for public scrutiny.

    The idea that Earth is being visited by at least one alien race having advanced technology is one that is difficult to accept; difficult that is, until it is experienced first hand. The founding members of this organization don't need evidence that meets the high standard of scientific proof to convince them, they have their own experiences to draw on.

    When decisions must be made in the absence of evidence that is proof positive, the best available evidence must be used. This is especially true when the potential for catastrophic danger is looming, and when decisions must be made to avert that danger. Such is the case with the phenomena known as UFOs.

    The researchers and investigators at the UFO Foundation are painstakingly piecing together the colossal mosaic of the best available evidence in an effort to uncover the fundamental meaning of these phenomena, and what impact they may have on humanity.

    The research has taken an alarming direction. While the results of our studies do not constitute a scientific conclusion, the evidence nevertheless suggests an ominous prospect:

    Earth is being scouted for invasion.

    What can be done to thwart an invasion by a more advanced species is not known. It may be true that nothing can be done. That possibility might spell disaster for all humanity. This foundation is committed to determining if Humanity is under a state of threat by an advanced alien civilization, and to making that knowledge available to the general public.

    Foundation researchers are divided over the prospect of governmental cover-ups regarding UFO information. If they do exist, one reason might be the prospect of annihilation, though it is not clear why governments would conclude that the public is better served by being kept unaware of such a threat.

    The UFO Foundation operates independently of any and all governments. Any evidence uncovered here will be shared without hesitation or reservation. It is the endeavor of this foundation to research and investigate credible UFO phenomena in a scientific manner, compile it, and publish the results via this website and other communications media.

    If you wish to join in this effort, you are invited to apply for membership. If you wish to make a financial contribution, your reward may just be the salvation of Humanity. And if you are not interested in either form of participation, you are still welcome to review the results of our research and to the services of our organization.

    UFO Foundation Board of Directors