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UFOs in the News

A pilot debunks old UFO report
1997 'Phoenix Lights' were flares, Lt. Col. Ed Jones insists.
--Detroit Free Press
Audio Interview with Farah Yurdozu
Tim Binnall speaks with Turkey's first female Ufologist.
--Binnall of America
UFO in Maine? More Unusual Lights Fill Skies
From the Carolinas to Arkansas to the deserts of Arizona unexplained lights have filled the night skies of late.
--National Ledger
Could we have hitched a ride on UFOs?
Newly released files may put one mystery to bed.
--The Guardian
Strange Sightings In Triad Skies
Kernersville man said he captured an object on his cell phone (with photo).
Armed Forces Reveal UFO Presence in Chile
Evidence displayed at Viña del Mar Conference.
--Santiago Times
Mysterious Lights Spotted Over Phoenix, Again
Military claims it was amber-colored flares from training flights (with video).
UFO sighting over Islington
Dozens of mysterious lights were spotted hovering in the sky above Archway.
--Islington Gazette
UFO's seen over South Shore sky
Honolulu resident described two lights circling in the sky (with video).
--KHON News
Second O'Hare Airport Photo Surfaces
View the 2nd supposed O'Hare UFO photo.
Was There a UFO Above Charlotte?
More on the mystery light, including 911 reports (with video).
Barksdale Fliers are Source of UFO Story
More on the official explanation for the mysterious lights over Arkansas.
--Shreveport Times
Iranians report 'radiant UFO'
Iranian news agency reports "a radiant unidentified flying object in Western Iran."
--YNet News
Air Force colonel reports lights 'not of this world'
Snaps images above Arkansas: 'I have no idea what they were.'
Where is the O'Hare UFO Photo?
Blogger wonders why there are no photos from the O'Hare UFO sighting.
--The Other Side of Truth
UFO Crash in Central Iran
An unidentified object crashed in Barez Mounts on Wednesday morning.
--Fars News Agency
Mystery light over Singapore
One expert describes sighting as a bolide or exploding fireball.
Bright green light seen across sky in Singapore
Some described it as a satellite re-entering the earth's atmosphere.
--Channel NewsAsia
Mystery Lingers Over Chicago UFO Claims
The head of the National UFO Reporting Center gives his theories about the strange sighting over Chicago’s main airport.
UFO crashes in South Africa
Object was said to hit the ground with a bang on Saturday.
UFOs in the Clouds
Peter Davenport comments on the O'Hare sighting.
Grey Aerial Disk Reported at Chicago O'Hare
Linda Moulton Howe exlores the 'cloud hole' connection.
UFO over O'Hare Airport?
Employees reported an object hovering low over the Airport for several minutes on Nov. 7th.
--Chicago Tribune






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